What is the best way to enjoy chocolate?

Wie genießt man Schokolade am besten?

The Art of Chocolate Tasting: A Guide for Beginners

Yes, you can actually eat chocolate wrong. Today we'll explain how to properly perceive the complex taste profiles, nuances and aromas of fine chocolate.

Should chocolate be kept in the fridge?

Definitely not! Chocolate is best stored at 19 degrees. Temperature fluctuations should also be avoided to prevent the cocoa butter from becoming too soft and leaving unsightly stains.

Image : Chocolate in the fridge? Better not!

How do you store opened chocolate?

It's best to eat it straight away! But if there is any left over, chocolate should not be stored near strong-smelling foods, as these can negatively affect the taste of the candy.

Similar to wine: Prove a fine nose

The senses of sight and smell should not be neglected when eating chocolate - even before you bite into the chocolate! Even if it's difficult, taking the time to look at the chocolate and smell it creates anticipation and prepares you perfectly for the taste experience.

Image : There are over 800 different flavors in chocolate

Professional tip for all hobby bakers: How to melt chocolate properly

Even though most recipes say otherwise, you should not melt the chocolate over a water bath. This could cause condensation to mix with the chocolate. It is better to melt it in a heat-resistant bowl in the microwave and then continue processing.

How much chocolate per day is healthy?

A daily tasting sounds tempting - we know! The recommended portion of chocolate per day is around 30 grams. Here too, the darker the variety, the better! Eating dark chocolate can have a positive effect on your health. It is said to lower blood pressure and even help against depression (and heartbreak) thanks to stimulants such as theobromine, caffeine and phenylethylamine. Theophylline also stimulates circulation and nerves.

Professional chocolate tasting at home? Know how!

Now that we have learned the basics of enjoying chocolate, we would like to take you into the world of professional chocolate tasting at home. To do this, we asked our friends from Theyo what the perfect setting should look like. Theyo, a chocolate start-up from Berlin, organizes chocolate tasting team events as a mindful journey of enjoyment and is therefore an absolute professional in this field. Here are their top 4 tips:

Tip 1: Less is more

Consciously choose only a small amount of chocolate. A maximum of five different chocolate creations should be tasted. Particularly exciting: also include chocolate from the supermarket to taste the differences! It is particularly useful to choose different fine chocolates with different taste profiles. For example, you can choose chocolate with fruity, nutty or earthy flavors to experience the variety of taste differences particularly intensively.

Image : Chocolate has more flavors than wine

Tip 2: More is more

The cocoa content can actually be higher. At least 70% is recommended, as this is the optimal ratio to the sugar content to taste the flavors. It is also better to try chocolates with the same cocoa content instead of mixing them.

Tip 3: Preparation is everything

Before your tasting starts, there are a few things you should take care of in good time: - Chocolate before breakfast? Sounds strange, but it makes sense. Because unclouded taste buds have a positive influence on the sweet pleasure. Alternatively, it makes sense to at least not consume any strongly spicy or intense foods or drinks (such as coffee) before the tasting. - Bring the chocolate to room temperature to ensure an ideal melting point when tasting. - Remove the packaging so that it does not influence the testers. - Break or cut the chocolate into pieces of approx. 5 g. - Prepare a pen and paper for all participants. - Water at room temperature neutralizes the taste buds - even more with a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Alternatively, you can also choose wine, Theyo has a pairing guide here .

Image : The eye eats with you – chocolate tasting uses all senses

Tip 4: Enjoyment comes first

We think that mindful consumption does more than justice to chocolate. After all, a lot of work goes into this product – especially if it is fair, organic and/or even handmade.

Here is some useful information for your tasting:

Your surroundings also influence you! So create a calm atmosphere – without a smartphone or distractions.

A smooth and shiny surface is a sign of quality. Bubbles, differently colored swirls, light or brittle deposits, on the other hand, are signs of poor tempering or incorrect storage.

And even your sense of hearing should not be neglected when enjoying chocolate: an audible cracking sound actually indicates high-quality chocolate.

If a chocolate has no smell or smells of industrial fat, inferior ingredients were used. A good chocolate will reveal just by smelling what flavors can be tasted and even where the cocoa beans come from. Beans from Madagascar or Vietnam, for example, smell like red fruits! Do it like the pros: form a 'smell cave' with your hands, which will melt the chocolate slightly - which in turn releases flavors.

Image : Factors influencing chocolate aroma (Source: Theyo)

During this process, you may also be able to identify which fats are contained in the chocolate. While high-quality chocolate is rich in cocoa butter, this is often replaced with cheap fats in cheap products - which, however, crumble or clump when melted.

The fact that the chocolate has already melted is the perfect prerequisite for tasting: you shouldn't chew chocolate! To identify the fine aromas one by one, simply place it on your tongue and let it melt.

Spit it out? Unlike wine, this is not necessary with chocolate.

A lot of rules and information? Of course, the most important thing when tasting chocolate is to have fun. So let's get started: 3, 2, 1 - enjoy! Oh, and something particularly cool: Theyo has an aroma wheel and tasting sheet, as well as instructions for achocolate meditation .

About Theyo

Theyo wants to inspire people to enjoy chocolate consciously. The focus is on justice, sustainability and solidarity. The online shop not only sells delicious chocolate products, but also offers chocolate tastings.

Picture: Co-Founder Madita, Choco Co-Creator Ngoc An, Choco Creative Coco and Co-Founder Moritz (from left to right)

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