Amanase Organic Chocolates | 16 pieces

vegan organic chocolates made in Ghana

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Contents: 16 pieces
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With Amanase, we are shifting the added value to the country of origin, Ghana. We are creating sustainable jobs and training opportunities, promoting the organic cultivation of cocoa and paying cocoa farmers the highest cocoa premiums in West Africa. Chocolate that melts in your mouth and makes the world a better place, bit by bit!


Nachhaltiger Kakaoanbau


Fairer Handel


Bio, vegan & fair.





The queen of chocolates

Let yourself be surprised by a total of 16 chocolates that will enchant your heart!
  • 100% organic
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% handmade in Ghana

The new chocolates. 🦄
A Ghanaian interpretation of European chocolate classics. You can expect chocolates like Hazelnut Caramel , creamy truffles, Ghanaian marzipan or Rough Gianduja - Love at first bite!

Made for humans. 🐮
Each praline comes in 100% recyclable packaging, without refined sugar and without cow's milk, but with the best organic ingredients - and the fairest organic cocoa on earth!

Made in Ghana. 🌍
Amanase chocolates not only change the narrative of chocolate, but also shift the added value to the cocoa- growing country Ghana - we create jobs, hope and a future! 

Made to make a change. 🌈
A new era in the cocoa industry is approaching: fairer, more sustainable and with social responsibility. Our pralines are more than chocolate, it's a tribute to craftsmanship, a promise to our environment - and the first Chocolate that really makes a difference!

Are you in?

Amanase Faire Bio Mango Dipped in Chocolate


Social impact meets chocolatier.

With every praline you support us in Amanase to train young and aspiring Ghanaians as chocolatiers.

Amanase Chocolatiers Faire Pralinen, Nüsse und Früchte

added value

Handmade in Ghana.

Not only do we bring the added value, but also the craftsmanship to the country of origin of cocoa, Ghana. Every job we create ensures that young people have access to education.

Amanase Pralinen, Nüsse und Früchte aus Ghana - Handmade, Bio, Vegan, Fair


Organic, CO2-neutral & fair.

Each praline promotes the organic cultivation of cocoa and ensures fair payment of cocoa farmers - all products are plastic-free and are produced CO2-neutral in Ghana's first solar-powered chocolate factory!